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You may pay membership dues online or at one of the meetings.

For membership info, contact Sharon P. Burch, spburch <at>

New Membership Dues, effective Fall 2013

Up until the past few years, PCTS meetings were primarily long-time members regularly coming together for discussion and a shared, catered meal. More recently, PCTS has transitioned to become more meeting focused with more student involvement and a buffet meal. To better reflect the actual distribution of expenses and to pro-rate costs fairly for those who do not fully attend both meetings a year, PCTS voted in April 2013 to change its fee structure as follows:

Member Dues (Academic Year)
  • Full Membership, $45.00
  • Student Membership, $22.50
Registration for Both Days of Meeting (Fri & Sat, happy hour, and dinner)
  • Registration Fee, member, $25.00
  • Registration Fee, non-member, $35.00
Registration for Only One Day of Meeting
  • Friday meeting, $25.00 (includes happy hour and dinner)
  • Friday with no dinner, $15.00 (includes happy hour)
  • Saturday meeting, $15.00 (includes Sat coffee and breakfast)
Reduced fee or waiver is available for student workers and others for whom cost imposes a hardship. Members may also invite guests to discussion sessions at no charge.