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Patricia Codron Memorial Endowment

The Society is currently funding the Patricia Codron Memorial Endowment, named for a long-time member who died on March 11, 2009. Proceeds from the endowment will be used in awarding an Annual Prize to the West Coast author of the book that best reflects the overall purpose of the Society.

To join in this effort, please make checks out to the Graduate Theological Union and designate that this donation is for “The Patricia Codron Memorial Endowment.” (Donation and Pledge form) All contributions to the Endowment are fully tax-deductible.

Graduate Theological Union,
2400 Ridge Road, Berkeley, CA 94709

To donate by credit card, please call Dr. Linda P. Frank, (510) 649-2425.

For more information, or to arrange legacy giving, contact Sharon P. Burch, PCTS Treasurer, spburch @

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If you purchase something by following the link or using a search box on the PCTS site, then Amazon sends a small percentage to us (generally 4%, limited to $25 dollars for computers). The rules for what counts as a "purchase" are fairly complex, but basically includes one entire order of anything you put into your cart within 24 hours (without leaving and coming back to the site through another link such as a bookmark or typing into your browser), and actually buy within 90 days.

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