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Spring Meeting 2019

May 3-4, 2019

John B. Cobb, Jr., and His Legacy

Classroom B at Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP), Berkeley, California


Friday, May 3
1:30-2pm - Arrival and Registration
2-5 pm - Paper Session
5-7 pm - Business Meeting, Social Time, Dinner
7-8:30 pm - Public Lecture, John Cobb (Claremont)
The Patricia Codron Award for Lifetime Achievement 
Note: The public lecture is held in the Tucson Room.

Saturday, May 4
9–9:30 am - Continental Breakfast
9:30 am-noon - Paper Session


The Spring 2019 Spring PCTS Meeting honors John B. Cobb, Jr. for his Lifetime Achievement to theology.

For background on John Cobb, please read:
  • Two-part article on John Cobb by Ted Peters in 1990 Dialogue "Theology Update" with a response by John Cobb (pdf)
  • John Cobb, "Evil and the Power of God" chapter in Cobb's God and the World , 1969. (pdf)
The papers for the Spring 2019 meeting are (order to be determined):
  • Ted Peters, "Demythicizing the Myth of Economism for Earths Sake: John Cobb, Richard Norgaard, and the Common Good" (pdf, docx)
Prior papers by John Cobb, or about Cobb, at PCTS are available in the GTU library (Rare books collection) and include:
  • John Cobb, The Christian understanding of sexuality, 1960.
  • John Cobb, A personal Christology, 1962.
  • John Cobb, Christianity as a religion, 1966.
  • John Cobb, The future of American theology, 1975.
  • John Cobb, Theology and economics, 1990. (With a panel including John Coleman, SJ, and Carol Robb)
  • Judith Berling, Reflections on Cobb and the Christian response to pluralism, 1990.
  • Ted Peters, The systematic theology of John Cobb, 1990.
  • John Cobb, Dead Ends and Fresh Directions, 2000.

Paper Session - Friday, May 3, 2-5 pm


Respondent is TBD (GTU)


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Respondent is TBD (GTU)

Public Lecture - Friday, 7-8:30 pm

Public Lecture, May (GTU)

Held in the Tucson Room.

Paper Session - Saturday, May 4, 9:30 am-noon


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Respondent is TBD (GTU)


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Respondent is TBD (GTU)

You may register at the meeting or online via the PCTS registration page. Student members and nonmember attendees, please use the PCTS registration page.